Stressed Brides?

I love getting a surprise email from past brides! It so very lovely to hear from them and how everything went and if it turned out the way they wanted. It usually ends with “thank you for being part of the happiest day of our lives!”

Getting there, well that’s the story.

I am still amazed the amount of work and organisation that goes into planning the big day for a bride, which more often then not goes wrong along the line somewhere.

When I am part of the planning process, I get to see first hand what it really does to her.

By the second last week, she’s lost some weight, hasn’t had time to keep her routines like facials, hairdresser appointments, manicures, fitness and diet with having a couple of nasty colds along the way.

Sometimes a far cry from the glowing, freshly engaged brides-to-be I had met many months before. And more than once she will mention in light conversation that they cant wait for it to be over!

Is there an expectation for brides that I don’t know about? The bottom line is that you and your future hubby are they to declare your love for each other surrounded by family and friends that make the both of you happy.

So to my future brides: please look after yourself- there is no magic pill that can do it for you, talk about things that you will do ‘after’ the wedding, have a plan B (always be prepare for it if plan A doesn’t pan out) and hug people- its a proven stress reliever and you know how good it feels!

xx Adrianna
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